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Exercise does not come naturally to everyone. Certainly not if something bothers you and you cannot continue with your daily life.

As a physiotherapist, our goal is to guide and rehabilitate patients towards their own chosen goals. It is therefore the task of the physiotherapist to provide a realistic rehabilitation tailored to the patient's needs, taking into account the patient's posture and body movements.

In our practice you can go for:

  • Sports rehabilitation and rehabilitation after sports injuries

  • Rehabilitation after an orthopedic procedure, such as after a prosthesis or operation

  • Hand and wrist rehabilitation

  • Gait rehabilitation

  • Back and neck problems

  • Respiratory physiotherapy for patients with lung problems

  • Pre- and postnatal physiotherapy

  • Lymphatic drainage


If you are unable to come to the practice, the therapist can come to your home.


Finally, children and babies with respiratory problems can also come to this practice for drainage. They are treated by autogenous drainage.



Permekedreef 9

3090 Overijse


Tel: 02 306 39 97

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