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Power Plate

What is the Powerplate?
The Powerplate is a device with which you can train by doing exercises on the vibration plate, static or dynamic, performed according to the principles of vibration training. In a unique way, unconscious stretch reflexes are trained in a short time but with high intensity and maximum efficiency.
How does vibration training work?
The Powerplate creates powerful vibrations that are transferred to our body as energy. This mechanical stimulus produces a stretch reflex that occurs 30 to 60 times per second, depending on the set frequency. The result of this is that the muscles continuously tense very hard. These stimuli stimulate muscles to adapt, they recover through rest, and the body adapts through regular repetition.
resulting in increased performance.

  • personalized coaching

  • a tailor-made program for everyone

  • muscle strengthening

  • local fat burning

  • improve blood circulation

  • skin improvement

  • fitness improvement

  • therapeutic objectives

  • treatment-prevention of osteoporosis

  • relaxation



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